Link G4 Xtreme Wire-in ECU

Link G4 Xtreme Wire-in ECU
Brand: Link ECU
Product Code: LG4X
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The G4 Xtreme offers the ultimate in engine management.

Designed and built to be the best, the G4 Xtreme delivers the results, with more functions than normally demanded by both tuner and driver -

  • 8 saturated injection drives
  • 8 ignition outputs
  • 8 analog inputs (MAP, TPS, wide-band O2, oil pressure, boost adjust knob, etc.)
  • 4 temperature inputs
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 8 auxiliary outputs * (Fan, Boost control, idle speed control, etc.)
  • 2, 34 pin, waterproof connectors
  • external, 2.5 bar or 5 bar, MAP sensor (sold separately)
* unused injection and ignition drives can also be used as auxiliary outputs.
This G4 Xtreme allows you to ditch that big ugly air flow meter and replace it with a MAP sensor (Sold separately).
The G4 Xtreme comes with a non-engine-specific base map, so the ECU must be configured for the engine type and then tuned via the free software application PCLink.

This ECU comes complete with a 2m wiring loom and USB tuning cable. In most cases the G4 can use all of the factory sensors except for the MAP and IAT sensors (sold separately).
Please just ask if you would like the Link fitted and dyno tuned in your car as we are available to help with this.
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