Link - MAP Sensor - 7.0 Bar

Link - MAP Sensor - 7.0 Bar
Brand: Link ECU
Product Code: LMAP70
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The Link G4 Plug-In can use all of the factory sensors but it is recommended you add the MAP and IAT (not included) sensors.
Link MAP Sensors are manufactured in both 5V & 12V variants.  Link Wire-in ECUs use 5V MAP Sensors.

NOTE: Link MAP Sensors are rated in absolute pressure which means that a 2.5 bar sensor will read atmospheric pressure (1 bar) plus 1.5 bar of positive pressure e.g. boost pressure. If the boost goes above 1.5 bar (21 psi) then the boost over 1.5 bar will not be compensated for.  If more boost pressure than this is desired then a Link MAP sensor with a higher rating will need to be purchased. See the user manual for the appropriate ECU you are going to use.

G4 Xtreme ECUs do not ship with a MAP sensor so installers need to choose the appropriate sensor.

G4 Storm has a 2.5 bar sensor internally or else a higher pressure sensor may be wired externally.

You will receive:
- Link 7.0 bar MAP Sensor (Reads up to 6.0 bar / 90 lbs of boost)
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